Education Saves Lives!

As I mentioned earlier, The Maurer Foundation is unique in where we are solely dedicated to educating people of all ages about breast health. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to train a new set of Peer Educators this week at Syosset High School through Maurer’s BBS (Being Breast Smart) program that trains High School juniors and seniors how to present a breast health program while helping them develop leadership skills so that they can share the information to their fellow classmates. Speaking to teens about being proactive with their health and taking preventative action in regards to breast health is something that has at times been an overwhelming wonderful feeling.

As an educator, I also have had lots of powerful moments with breast cancer survivors who have thanked me for being an advocate for early detection. Last night I was representing TMF at the 21st Annual Kickoff Gala for the Long Island Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. I met so many great and influential people who asked me various questions about who we are and what we do. As much as I love teaching younger people I know that the impact of breast cancer and the affect it has on lives is something that takes on a whole new meaning for those who have been diagnosed. While discussing what I do to another member of the Chamber I recalled the story of an email I received from a woman who decided to do her breast self-examination after watching one of our programs. She felt a lump which she later found out was Stage 1 breast cancer. Stage 1 can have anywhere from a 95%-98% survival rate! Her doctors stressed to her how great it was that it was caught so early and her treatment was successful.

Education can save lives and that’s what we do but we need support with donations and opportunities to present our program to as many venues as possible. Be proactive about your breast health.Contact The Maurer Foundation for a breast health program!