The Maurer Foundation prides itself upon its ability to respond to the diverse needs of the communities we serve, which is why we have spent a great deal of time and effort developing and cultivating our Bilingual Breast Health Program.  As Long Islanders, we know how important it is to grow with the expanding needs of our community, especially the vibrant and flourishing Latino population.  Therefore, The Maurer Foundation has made a concerted effort to construct a Bilingual Program that speaks to the needs and concerns unique to the Hispanic community.

Despite the fact that studies have shown Latina women have a lower incidence of breast cancer compared to other ethnic groups, statistics also indicate that Hispanic women tend to be diagnosed with breast cancer at more advanced stages of disease than non-Hispanic white women.  In light of this, The Maurer Foundation has made a dedicated effort to reach this underserved community.   Our goal is to arm young Latino women and men with vital knowledge about the importance of early detection, healthy lifestyle choices, and how to perform a proper breast self-examStudies indicate that Hispanic women are often not obtaining nor have access to annual mammograms, so possessing the ability to perform a breast self-exam is critical.  Responding to this deficit in care, The Maurer Foundation now provides an online Spanish language Breast Self-Exam Guide, which outlines the techniques for the visual and physical exam.

Throughout Long Island, our Bilingual Program has been presented by our certified Bilingual Educators to schools and community groups. Some of these schools include Riverhead High School, Southampton High School, and Walt Whitman High School.  Recently, our programs were presented to the students of our long-time partner, Brentwood High School, a local community with a large number of Spanish speaking families.  Health Education teacher, Ann Amideo commented, “The Brentwood School District is grateful for the Maurer Foundation’s years of service to educate all our students representing over 40 countries worldwide.  Their commitment to our bilingual program has made all the difference to our decade long work with Maurer in providing the necessary materials for all students.””