Breast Health Workshops


All of the Maurer Foundation breast health workshops are led by trained breast health educators and cover important information on:

In addition, workshop attendees will have access to:

Our workshops are offered free to schools and community groups and on a donation-basis to businesses. Please help us plant the seed of knowledge and prevent breast cancer in our community.

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Youth Breast Health Program

Designed specifically for high school juniors and seniors, this forty-minute program covers all our standard workshop topics with a strong emphasis on the role of lifestyle changes in reducing the risk of breast cancer. Our educators work closely with school health teachers to create a custom schedule that fits each school’s unique class schedule.

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Campus & Community Breast Health Workshop

The Campus and Community Breast Health Education Program is a more mature version of the traditional youth breast health program and is offered to community organizations and student organizations on college and university campuses. Additional risk factors discussed include use of birth control pills and alcohol consumption.

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Peer Education Programs

Our Peer Education Programs are offered to high school students under the supervision of a school staff member. We understand that enduring habits may be developed early in life. We also know that young people often respond more effectively to peers than to adults. When it comes to delivering the Maurer Foundation’s lifesaving message, we believe that students make excellent teachers.  This training course can be held during or after school hours. Equipped with the latest breast health knowledge, these junior breast health educators are ready to empower their classmates with proven methods of early detection, risk reduction and healthy lifestyle choices all year round. The students also learn another valuable lesson from our educators: when it comes to getting the Maurer Foundation’s message across, energy and creativity can be contagious!

The Maurer Foundation’s Peer Education Program was introduced in 2006 at Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn, NY. Twelve female students attended the Peer Education Program under the supervision of health teacher, Paula Boyd, a trained Maurer Foundation health educator. On March 14, 2007, the program graduates delivered their first presentation to Murrow High School’s Principal and administration cabinet. These Peer Educators provided comprehensive information on breast health education, including risk factors and early detection methods. After the success of their first Peer Education presentation, they were asked to return in April 2007 to present the program to Murrow High School’s leadership council and its Parent Teacher Association. By the end of the 2007 school year, Murrow High School’s Peer Educators reached 316 participants.

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Corporate Wellness Breast Health Seminars & Webinars

Our Corporate Wellness Breast Health Seminar and Webinar helps your business to reduce expenses related to medical care, health insurance and lost worker productivity. Workplace health education programs have proven to be some of the most cost-effective management policies in existence. Employees will learn the importance of early detection, risk reduction, and healthy lifestyle choices as it pertains to breast cancer. Our Corporate Wellness Breast Health Seminar and Webinar can be specially tailored to the size and needs of your particular office or business. Via a 45 minute live web conference, the Maurer Foundation can also deliver webinar for those companies who have such technological capabilities. 

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Girl Scout Pinky Swear Programs

pinky_swear_long_island_breast_cancer13The Pinky Swear Program is a special initiative for Long Island Girl Scouts—and their mothers! In a Pinky Swear program, our breast health educators share vital information about breast cancer prevention and early detection, tailored for both young Girl Scouts and their moms. 

Beyond simply presenting information, the Pinky Swear Program includes a unique pledge: mother and daughter “pinky-swearing” to work together to help prevent breast cancer in their families by exercising, eating well, and avoiding smoking and alcohol. Additionally, moms pledge to complete monthly breast self-exams and recommended mammograms, and are asked to invite other women they know to sign up for our monthly breast self-exam Alarm Clock service. The Girl Scouts who complete the program receive special Pinky Swear badges.

As the co-leaders of Troop 1506 described after a Pinky Swear program, “This event was a great experience for both level of participants (Scouts and moms) because it did not overwhelm the girls nor make them afraid of this disease, but enlightened them…The feedback that we received on this program was so overwhelming and positive that we have decided to make it a yearly event.”

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