Promoting Wellness At A Young Age

Today a non-profit organization called Kids in Action is holding their 9th Annual Youth Conference of Long Island at Farmingdale State College. Formed in the wake the Columbine incident, Kids in Action promotes health and wellness at a young age. Thousands of Middle School students are expected to attend today’s conference which will feature a keynote by Sarah Reinertsen, the first female to complete the Hawaii Ironman and with a prosthetic leg no less! We have happily partnered with Kids in Action as we feel it is important to align ourselves with other organizations that are working toward similar causes. I have been lucky enough to represent the Foundation at some Kids in Action meetings and events as well as volunteering on their team in several ways. I know that today’s event will not only be a success but a huge benefit to all the young students who will learn the importance of taking care of themselves now so that they will make it a habit to take care of themselves as adults and become their own health advocates.

Take care everyone,
Helen Galarza
Bilingual Program Educator