Reaching People Through Our Breast Health Programs

Sometimes the most interesting part about educating people is hearing their stories. Today I was at a high school on Long Island, NY, and a student came up to me after class. In our breast health program, we talk about how previous breast cancer history is a for breast cancer. This student told me her grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer twice, and now she is in the hospital again, not for breast cancer, but because she fell. She’s been there for three weeks, and doctors are trying to figure out what’s wrong with her. A student at another high school told me she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and I recently spoke at a school where the health teacher just had a , and was dealing with the emotional stress and pain of that.

People confide in us about their personal stories, mostly related to breast cancer, and sometimes not.  But all these people’s stories make us feel we are really reaching people with our message.

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