The Anti-Cancer Diet As Seen On Dr. Oz.

Recently Dr. Oz did a show on foods that will help you reduce your risk of cancer.

By making smart decisions every time you visit the grocery store, you can greatly reduce your risk of hormone dependant cancers like breast, ovary, uterus and prostate. This simple daily diet contains foods rich in antioxidants, fiber and isoflavones.

Berries, Yogurt and Green Tea-Blueberries are believed to be one of the most powerful antioxidants; they also contain ellagic acid, which prevents carcinogens from latching onto your DNA. Yogurt contains the healthy bacteria lactobacilli, which stops enzymes that turn healthy cells into cancer. Green tea is another powerful antioxidant that you should be drinking at least once a day.

Quinoa-From Peru in the Andes, quinoa is a whole grain rich in fiber and antioxidants. Fiber stimulates the good bacteria in your colon to produce cancer-fighting compounds; it also lowers your risk for cancer by sweeping carcinogens through your colon.

Flaxseeds-Flaxseeds contain lignans that block natural estrogen, which can feed certain cancers like breast and ovarian.

Garlic & Onions-Garlic and onions, from a family of vegetables called allium, are powerful cancer-fighters. Studies have shown them to stop cancer growth in the stomach, colon, brain, lung, prostate and breasts. Additionally, one garlic component named diallyl disulfide was shown to kill Leukemia cells in the lab.

Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Squash & Broccoli-are other cancer-fighting vegetables  that are packed with antioxidants. Broccoli detoxes the liver and beans are rich in fiber. Tumeric in curry has been found to suppress tumors.

Need some more ideas? Check out our nutritional guidelines for breast cancer risk reduction.