Farmingdale State College Invites us to Train Nurses at Southside Hospital

The Maurer Foundation has once again partnered with the Nursing Program at Farmingdale State College to train nurses who are enrolled in the college’s Bachelor’s Completion Program.  This cohort of students were Registered Nurses employed by Southside Hospital in Bay Shore, N.Y.

During this daylong training, the nurses enhanced their knowledge by learning more about the anatomy of the breast, the growth of disease within the breast, and what lifestyle changes can impact our health.  The three methods of early detection were covered in depth, with an emphasis of the physical examination of the breast using the MammaCare method. After participating in our  training, Donna Ritter-Soto, revealed ” The most interesting thing I learned was the technique used to do a breast exam as I had never seen that way or heard of that before.”

The main focus of the day was health promotion and patient education.  This was the second time Professor Monica Diamond-Caravella has invited us to present this training.  She later shared,  “It is my hope always that my practicing students ‘pay this knowledge forward’ to their patients, family members and close friends”.