How We Spent Our Mother’s Day!

At The Maurer Foundation our goal is to empower men and woman, when it comes to empowerment there isn’t a bigger advocate than our own mothers. Whether it was with their mom or their children the staff of the Maurer Foundation celebrated Mother’s Day each in their own special way….   

Donna Pacheco

This weekend my daughter and I headed to the big Apple to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Oprah’s “O” magazine. The weekend started Friday night with a welcome reception at Gotham Hall. On Saturday morning Oprah welcomed 6,000 crazed fans who attended Life seminars to motivate and educate attendees and spread the mission of the magazine to “Live Your Best Life”. Some of the speakers were, Dr. Oz, Nate Berkus, Suze Orman, Peter Walsh, Donna Brazile and Martha Beck.

On Saturday night Oprah performed a one-woman show at Radio City Music Hall. The celebration ended on Sunday morning with a charity walk and magazine birthday party.

It was an unbelievable celebration, a once-in-a-lifetime event for the both of us and a Mother’s day gift I will always cherish.


Morgan Evans

Each Mother’s Day my mom travels from Los Angeles to visit me in NYC. I always plan a bunch of fun activities that keep us entertained and allow my mother to have a few Carrie Bradshaw moments. The weekend was filled with so many special memories from going to pick out my wedding dress to rocking out at Rock of Ages on Broadway. The weekend was full of laughs and joyful tears, although I don’t see my mother everyday these special Mother’s Day bonding trips make up for so much lost time and bring us closer as mother and daughter as well as best friends.


Libby Zimmer

I spent this Sunday celebrating Mother’s Day with my Dad in Parksville, Kentucky.  Six months ago my mom died unexpectedly.  She had been in the process of overseeing a fundraising and renovation project at their Church in Alum Springs, Kentucky.  My dad and members of their church family rallied together and donations continued to be raised in memory of my Mom.  This Mother’s Day, with the project completed, it was an honor and a celebration to be there with my Dad and other members of the family as the space was designated in honor of all my Mom’s hard work!