Maurer Foundation Launches its New Learning Management System

It all started with a bold idea 25 years ago.  Dr. Virginia Maurer, an incredibly gifted breast surgeon on Long Island was determined to save lives through education.  Through her medical practice, she had seen too many women come to her with late stage breast cancer diagnoses; many of the women may have prevented their cancers had they chosen a healthier lifestyle.   

What started with one doctor educating her patients and their families about breast cancer risk reduction and methods of early detection evolved into the creation of The Maurer Foundation for Breast Health Education.  Over the last quarter-century, our certified breast health educators have traveled to the five boroughs of New York and across Long Island providing a truly lifesaving message to over 400, 000 people.

After learning of the success that the organization has had in providing evidence-based breast health programming, people from across the country began reaching out to learn how to replicate what we do in their own local communities.  Over the years, we have had folks come for training and certification from as close as upstate New York and as far as California and France.  We have heard from many others that wanted to participate in our training, but the travel costs were too prohibitive. 

With advances in technology and the ability to build an engaging and informative platform, another bold idea began to take form……….The Maurer Foundation is proud to announce the launch of its learning management system, which introduces our first asynchronous breast health training program. Through this self-paced course, participants can build upon their breast health knowledge in the areas of and development, breast and treatment, risk factors, and early detection.  Trainees can take a few days or a few months to complete the course, which is divided into distinct learning modules.  The modules incorporate practice sessions to reinforce the instruction, and learning is assessed after each lesson.  Support from Foundation staff is available for those that may struggle with certain topics. For individuals looking to become certified trainers, additional components can be added to ensure the delivery of accurate and timely breast health information to the public.

We are so excited to be able to offer this program, knowing that one bold idea all those years ago has grown into the potential to reach across the globe to continue to save lives through breast health education. To learn more about this innovative course, please call our Program Manager at 631-524-5156.