Taking our Certification Program to the Virtual World

A screenshot of our latest certified educator Maureen Barillaro.

These unprecedented times call for unprecedented solutions! The Maurer Foundation has certified our newest breast health educator, Maureen Barillaro from Massachusetts, all while in the safety of her home, via Zoom. Maureen has been connecting with many women while building her business, I Love My Nighty, and she wants to use that opportunity as a starting point for a conversation about women’s health.

Over the past five years, we have more people travelling to us for training from far across the country, as well as across the Atlantic. The cost of travelling has prohibited some interested people from being certified as a breast health educator. Now The Maurer Foundation is able to offer our training programs remotely, and begin to address those gaps in knowledge surrounding breast health that exist in the United States and around the globe. By providing accurate information about what impacts our risk for developing breast cancer, how to take steps to lower your risk, and teaching folks how to find breast cancer in its earliest stages, our new virtual training and certification program will help us to expand our mission to save lives throughout the world.