The Maurer Foundation Extends its Reach Across the Country

California resident, Yim Ping Mo has become the most recent person to become certified as a Maurer Foundation Breast Health Educator.  Ping is a Nurse Practitioner who is currently working at the Chinese Hospital Outpatient Center located in Dale City, California. Her practice is centered on Family Medicine, offering primary care services to her patients.  Nearly all of the women she sees in the clinic are of Asian descent, which is a population identified as having denser breast tissue. Breast cancer is four to six times more likely in women with extremely dense breasts than in women with fatty breasts.

Normal, lumpy breast tissue, called nodularity, can be an obstacle to women doing their own breast self-exams (BSE), and this is particularly true for women with dense breast tissue.  As a certified educator, Ping can instruct her patients in the MammaCare method of  breast examination, as well as provide enhanced patient education about breast cancer risk reduction.