This past week we were able to do something we had not done since March 2020 – provide in-person training. Monique Higgins, founder of the nonprofit Lovely Empowerment Network Systems located in New Jersey, traveled to our Melville office to participate in the Foundation’s training and certification process.  Monique’s goal is to provide breast health information to the folks in her local community and address health disparities especially when it comes to breast cancer. Although the Foundation provided virtual presentations throughout the COVID pandemic, nothing can top teaching face-to-face for the highest level of engagement.

The Foundation recently introduced a new component to the training and certification program through the inclusion of our web-based breast health course, created in 2020.   With this offering, trainees can begin the learning process through this self-paced application to build their baseline knowledge of breast cancer, risk factors, and other related topics. When the certification process continues in person or via webinar, we are now capable of drilling down on the topics that the participant wishes to review in depth, or target concepts that require clarification. 

Our doors are open, and we look forward to training more people like Monique, so we can ensure the most current and accurate breast health information is being delivered to communities across the US and beyond.