Patient Holding a Breast Implant in their hand

Ask the Plastic Surgeon: Can women with breast implants still get their mammograms?

Yes, women with implants can certainly get mammograms.  Breast implants for cosmetic augmentation reasons can be placed either under the chest muscle or just above the muscle but below the glandular tissue. There are different indications for each placement.  The technologist who does the mammogram has plenty of experience with women with either implant placement, [...]

The Sun Shines On Our 28th Annual Golf Classic

After weeks of rain and cold, May 8th brought warm weather and clear blue skies for our 28th Annual Golf Classic, raising over $280,000 for breast health education. Golfers arrived at Mill River Club and Meadow Brook Club to enjoy a wonderful brunch and some time to warm up on the putting green and driving range. This [...]

A young woman is undergoing radiation therapy for cancer under the supervision of doctors in a modern cancer hospital

What to Expect During Radiation Treatment for Breast Cancer

As a radiation oncologist, I find that many breast cancer patients and their family members are anxious when they meet me for the first time. Patients have often already undergone surgery, and many have already met with a medical oncologist to discuss the possibility of chemotherapy and/or hormonal therapy. An initial visit with a radiation [...]

Ask the Plastic Surgeon: Does breast reduction surgery lower the risk for breast cancer?

Yes, by removing a significant portion of breast tissue during a breast reduction procedure, your risk is lowered by reducing the amount of tissue that could potentially undergo cancerous transformation. There is clearly still a cancer risk since there is plenty of breast tissue remaining as this is only a breast reduction, not a mastectomy.  [...]

What’s Cookin’ with Team Maurer

Welcome to our newest series, What’s Cookin’ with Team Maurer, where you can find some quick, easy, and healthy meals to add to your weekly menu! Planning your weekly meals can be daunting, but check out what Team Maurer is cooking up because healthy doesn’t have to be boring or take a long time to [...]

FDA Updates Mammography Regulations to Require Reporting of Breast Density Information and Enhance Facility Oversight

Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration published updates to the mammography regulations to, among other things, require mammography facilities to notify patients about the density of their breasts, strengthen the FDA’s oversight and enforcement of facilities and help interpreting physicians better categorize and assess mammograms. “Today’s action represents the agency’s broader commitment to support [...]

2022 Third Party Event Fundraisers

We are proud to recognize our partners who raised funds on our behalf by holding innovative community fundraisers. For ideas on how you can host your own fundraiser download our Third Party Event Toolkit. For the ninth year in a row, Huntington Honda made a donation for every test drive in October. Our friends at the Long Island Women’s Inter-Club [...]

Is Intermittent Fasting Worth the Weight?

Obesity and being overweight are the cause of a number of major health concerns including 13 types of cancer, including breast cancer. As a result, many seek out methods to help with weight management in an effort to reduce risk. Most recently, intermittent fasting (IF) has taken the spotlight as a method to help achieve this goal.

Healthier Holiday Cookie Recipe

Stick to your wellness goals AND eat delicious cookies?? Seems like a good plan to us! Eating healthy foods that are also delicious isn’t impossible. This holiday season enjoy this healthier, but still incredibly tasty chocolate chip cookie recipe. This recipe cuts down on the sugar, a great strategy to help reduce breast cancer risk. [...]

Our Generous Supporters Shop for a Cause

Taking an active role in the community has been an integral part of the Castagna Realty Retail Group’s mission. Since 1996, their Champions for Charity shopping event has donated 25% of full-price, pre-tax purchases at participating stores to the not-for-profit organization of the shopper’s choice. The Maurer Foundation has been fortunate to benefit from the [...]