Sarah Brechon

With degrees in English and Information Management, freelance writer Sarah is a self-confessed “comms geek” who loves writing about anything and everything. These days that mainly involves health and beauty, becoming Content Marketing Editor and Social Media guru for Aurora Clinics cosmetic surgery centres UK. From blogging to press releases, social media and ad campaigns, she turns her hand to it all and is very happy to be using these skills (and her breast knowledge!) to help raise awareness for the Maurer Foundation. In the little spare time she has, Sarah loves spending time with her son, horse-riding, musical theater and makeup artistry.

How To Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer With Exercise

Studies have shown that exercise helps prevent breast cancer through a variety of different ways.

Alcohol Increases Risk For Breast Cancer

The link between alcohol and breast cancer, statistics, the truth about wine and breast cancer, and how alcohol effects risk of recurrence.

Silicon breast model for breast self exam

Are All Breast Lumps Breast Cancer?

Four out of five biopsies of breast lumps are benign, meaning that they are harmless and certainly not breast cancer.

Can Men Get Breast Cancer?

A common breast cancer myth is that only women suffer from breast cancer. In actual fact, approximately 2190 men are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the United States.

A Brief History of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer has probably been around as long as humans.

Estrogen molecular form

Estrogen And Breast Cancer

High estrogen levels in the body are believed to dramatically increase our risk of breast cancer.

Can Wearing a Bra Cause Breast Cancer?

The simple fact of the matter is this: there is absolutely no proven link between wearing a bra and breast cancer.