J. Kings Launches Campaign to Raise Funds for The Maurer Foundation

As part of a campaign to raise funds for The Maurer Foundation for Breast Health Education and other local breast cancer organizations, J. Kings Food Service Professionals has launched a new promotion open to all restaurants throughout the region. The program will give participating restaurants the chance to purchase pink Breast Cancer Ribbon Pins at a bulk rate of $2 each, and then distribute a pin free of charge to each restaurant patron from Monday through Wednesday during the months of January through April. Through this promotion, participating restaurants will be contributing $2 net proceeds on behalf of each meal served to an important local cause – while also helping to drive customers to their establishments who want to be a part of this special program.

The promotion, “Great Meals ● Great Cause ● Great Neighbors.” is being offered to all restaurants that would like to join the growing network of participating establishments. All restaurants joining the network will be featured on posters and a print advertising campaign that will blanket the Long Island area, as well as supported by other marketing efforts surrounding the launch of the program to the public. In addition, participating restaurants will receive a number of promotional items that they can display at their restaurant which will showcase their commitment to this important cause.

J. Kings representatives will be signing restaurants up to be included in this special restaurant network, and will be orchestrating all details of the promotion. To inquire about joining the “Great Meal ● Great Cause ● Great Neighbors.” Restaurant Network, or for more information, visit www.jkings.com or call 631-289-8401 Ext 2282.

“We wanted to give restaurants an easy way to contribute to local breast cancer organizations, while at the same time helping to draw customers to their restaurants during typically slower days and times during the week,” says John King, founder and Chief Customer Officer at J. Kings. “Through this program, everyone benefits. Breast cancer organizations get much needed funds, customers get a pin with each meal to help show support for breast cancer organization funding, and restaurants in the network get the added exposure that can help drive customers to their establishments and increase business.”

All proceeds from the promotion will be distributed to three local breast cancer organizations on Long Island: the Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline & Support Program, The Maurer Foundation for Breast Health Education, and CancerCare of Long Island. With a goal of securing 500 restaurants in the “Great Meals ● Great Cause ● Great Neighbors” restaurant Network, all contributing $2 net proceeds for each pin for every meal served, significant funds will be raised for each charity during this timeframe.