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Foundation Trains Students to Educate Each Other About Breast Health

Who says students can’t be teachers? At the Peer Education Program at Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn, NY, students are the only teachers. Peer Education Programs, a unique initiative of the Maurer Foundation, are student-run clubs, led by a school staff member that help students teach breast health education to their peers. The Foundation [...]

Corporate Wellness

We have been very busy spreading the word about our Corporate Wellness Program.  As we network, more and more executives are realizing the important part that wellness and healthy lifestyle choices makes in lowering your risk of breast cancer.  Our 45 minute program has been well received at companies like Capital One and Boehringer Ingelheim. [...]

Reaching People Through Our Breast Health Programs

During our breast health seminars, people sometimes confide in us about their personal stories, mostly related to breast cancer, and sometimes not. All these people’s stories make us feel we are really reaching people with our message.

Diversity in Education, and the importance of Mammography, CBE and BSE

Being able to educate people of all ages and ethnicities about breast health is very rewarding. This week, I went from presenting to ten 40-50 year old Caucasian and African American women at YWCA of NYC, to one hundred Asian high school students at Lower East Side Prep High School. People of all ages and [...]

Girls learning about breast cancer

Junior Breast Health Educators at Syosset High School

I had the opportunity to train about 45 students at Syosset High School to become Junior Breast Health Educators through the Maurer Foundation’s BBS (Being Breast Smart) program.

Oh the Adventures of a Program Educator!

We are nearing the end of Breast Cancer Awareness month and we’ve been extremely busy!  Besides a very successful fundraising event at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ on October 22nd, we’ve been doing tons of programs. I was looking for the Catholic Daughter of America on Monday night, and I stumbled into a Narcotics Anonymous meeting by [...]

Education Saves Lives!

As I mentioned earlier, The Maurer Foundation is unique in where we are solely dedicated to educating people of all ages about breast health. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to train a new set of Peer Educators this week at Syosset High School through Maurer’s BBS (Being Breast Smart) program that trains High School juniors [...]

Who We’ve Reached in the Last Few Weeks

September is turning out to be very busy in the program department, and we’re very excited about that!  One of my favorite things about working at the Maurer Foundation is going out to educate people about early detection of breast cancer.  I’ll be on Long Island at Jericho High School, Walt Whitman High School and [...]