Maurer Foundation Delivers its Life Saving Message at Babylon Junior- Senior High School

In early December, The Maurer Foundation partnered with the Babylon School District to bring educational breast health programs to the students of Babylon Junior-Senior High School. During our interactive presentations, the students learned about the impact of healthy lifestyle choices on their breast health, as well as what steps can be taken to detect breast cancer in its earliest stages.

Stephanie Sirico, the health teacher who coordinated the programs shared, “I really enjoyed having The Maurer Foundation come in and speak to our health classes. I think it is so important for our students to be educated about breast cancer because it is on the rise! I also think that knowledge is key and educating students about this will help them make healthier choices and live a long and healthy life. I am looking forward to having you guys come back in next year! The students thought it was so informational!”