Maurer Foundation Partners With Molloy College Nursing Program

In November, the Maurer Foundation’s breast health educators launched a unique ongoing partnership with the Molloy College nursing program—an exciting new relationship that will allow us to share life-saving information about breast cancer prevention and early detection, while bolstering our own educational programs with epidemiological analysis.

On November 4th, our Program Manager presented a modified version of our training program to seven nursing students and 13 registered nurses who are pursuing their BSN at Molloy. The following month, the students hosted a health fair in Molloy’s Public Square. These nurses-to-be shared vital information about breast health with nearly 200 students and faculty members, including details on how to perform breast self-exams and reduce risk factors for breast cancer.

Additionally, the 13 registered nurses in the training committed to sharing proper breast self-exam techniques with their patients!

It is wonderful to watch young health professionals become excited about breast health, and deepen their understanding of how positive lifestyle changes can reduce risk and improve outcomes. However, our partnership with Molloy doesn’t end there: this spring, eight nurse practitioners who are pursuing their PhD at Molloy will be engaging in an intensive literature review covering eight different areas of breast health.

The results of their review will be incorporated into the breast health programs presented by the Maurer Foundation, continuing to ensure our program information remains current with the most recent scientific findings!

We look forward to continued collaboration with Molloy College over the coming year. If you would like to join our efforts to increase awareness of breast cancer prevention and early detection, request a breast health program for your school or workplace today!